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Introducing our new range of quality grooming products from Terre Di Amerigo.

Man in search of the essence of nature, Terre Di Amerigo is one of the oldest and most traditional grooming and pesonal care brands in the world.

To view our complete range of Terre Di Amerigo products go to our Buy Terre Di Amerigo page.


Special ChiselChin Offers
From time to time we will bring you some unmisable offers for your pleasure.

Proraso aftershave is the result of a careful selection of fresh and natural scents specially blended ingredients to freshen, moisturise and tone the skin.

Now only 8.99 with any order of Proraso products, order now


Gift Box (Ladies take note)
ChiselChin can now deliver your favourite grooming products in a stylish gift box which is ideal for Birthday, Christmas and that "I love my man" gift.

For more details check out the either the Buy Wella, Buy Proraso or Buy Crew


Magazines Artcicles
We have had a great response from our advertsing campaigns as well as interest from GQ and The Chap Magazine about our shaving products.

Both magazines have written articles about the best shaving products on the market.
View all list of articles here

ChiselChin Shaving Tips
Many men don't realise that good techniques for shaving can improve one's outlook, I feel much more able to take on the 'Board' when I had a good close shave in the mornings and misses certainly lets me know how she appreciates smooth face. We have put together some basic tips and information to help you obtain the prefect shave everyday.
Per Uomo Hair Salon
Per Uomo Hair Salon began trading in 1991. Previous to this we had a hair salon in Italy on the Adriatic coast for six years. We decided to sell up and return to the U.K. but we had no idea of what we were going to do when we arrived. More...

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