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ChiselChin Shaving Tips

It is important to get the best out of your shave, so we have put together a some hints and tips to get the best shave everyday.

Before shaving:
- Make sure that your skin is softened enough, we recommend you use a hot towel for the best affect.
- Something that is important to remember is not to eat before shaving as the it makes the skin very sensetive.

Recommended process:
1. Run a small folded hand towel under hot water then squeeze out the towel. Then apply to the face for 20-30 seconds to help soften the skin.
2. Apply Proraso Pre and After Cream to the face, work into the skin gently
3. Then soap up, working a good lather onto the face.
4. Always shave to the grain of the hair.
5. After you have finished shaving apply the hot towel again, soap up again and pass the razor across the face once more.
6. Finish this off with the hot towel to soften the skin again.
7. Finally apply Proraso Pre and After Cream to the face and splash on Proraso Aftershave.

After shaving:
- We suggest that you apply a post shaving cream such as Proraso Pre and After Cream after the shave and splash on your favourite aftershave to have that fresh feeling.
- If you have small cuts and nicks, Proraso Styptic Gel will help close the cuts and heel them faster.


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